Starter Pack

Our coaches will give you the fundamental basics of tennis,
allowing you to enjoy the game in no-time! At the end of this course,
you will be able to rally and even play your first matches.

For true first timers, an exceptional starter course has been designed.
Miles away from any technico-tactical driven tennis programs out there, our method for first timers solely uses the body and its natural ability to learn by itself, focusing the mind on what truly matters.


For beginners and improvers, wishing to master new skills and play some friendly matches with other players. That program will help you to enjoy the game always a little bit more, whether you’re looking to get fit or playing new games. Our coaches will provide essentials technical, tactical and physical advices, taking into account your usual playing habits, enhancing improvements in a fun and ludic way.


For experienced and advanced players, aiming to improve their rank, beat better players or hit more winners. That program will highlight your game style, put an emphasis on your strength while providing all technical, tactical, physical and mental tools required to make “winning” a habit.