5 Ways for Adult Players to Get Better at Tennis

5 Ways for Adult Players to Get Better at Tennis

5 Ways for Adult Players to Get Better at Tennis

Tennis skills in adulthood is usually far more challenging than in youth due to time constraints, cognitive development, and available resources. However, that doesn’t mean your tennis days are over, you can still get better. Here are five tips to help you improve as an adult tennis player.

To get better at tennis, you should:

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Take it slow

On the tennis court, it’s really easy to become overwhelmed when making technical adjustments because, compared to a child’s brain, ours tends to go into overdrive very quickly. It’s important that you give it a lot of time and effort to make mistakes and try again.

Working on one, possibly two tasks at once is the recommended approach when working with your coach. Trust your coach and your shots will gradually become more cohesive in terms of technique, but keep in mind to take things slowly and patiently.

Never give up

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The secret to commitment is repetition. After coaching sessions, if you still feel like you don’t have the perfect stroke, it’s common for adults to seek other means to improve their tennis skills, but doing so will prevent your tennis from reaching your subconscious mind. Commit to that one step at a time until it’s second-nature.

Practice efficiently

You must make wise use of your limited practice time because you have less time than the juniors. To get better at tennis, follow these steps: Put in the work and practice – Practice with one goal in mind – Relax.

If you’re nervous, this isn’t a good practice. To improve technique, it’s vital to maintain a relaxed mindset throughout practice. Try to turn off your thoughts for the first five minutes, warm up and remain flexible throughout your baseline swings.

Stop worrying

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Don’t focus on making flawless shots or staying out of trouble when you’re playing a match. Set aside your ego and engage with the ball.

The ability to let go of one’s ego is one of the main distinctions between adults and children. Kids tend to forget their mistakes easily. Instead of believing that intelligence and overanalyzing are the keys to hitting the ideal shot, they return the next day, swing effortlessly, and truly begin to subtly acquire the feeling of proper technique.

Get into it with group coaching

Group coaching is not only significantly less expensive than one-on-one coaching, but it’s also a far simpler approach to make short-term improvements because the right tactical adjustments are enhance your game. Instead of spending hours practicing to develop technically, learning practically implementable tactical teaching points to play your best tennis with your present game might be a significantly more enticing method to improving as an adult.

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If after reading this, you feel you need some assistance getting your training plan structured to suit your needs of tennis in Hanoi, then reach out to our team!

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