Back-to-School Tips for Young Tennis Players

Back-to-School Tips for Young Tennis Players

Back-to-School Tips for Young Tennis Players

Summer is almost over. There’s nothing you can do to stop back to school time. Back to school can be a nuisance, especially when it comes to our young tennis players who will be back to upcoming tennis classes, on top of their next year in school. Here are some tips that can make this period easier for them.

Essential tennis items:

tennis essentials

Tennis shoes

It goes without saying that every tennis player needs this. It is more crucial to have two pairs because they will be worn frequently, especially when they are back on the court. This way, they may alternate and extend the life of each pair by exchanging them out as soon as one becomes worn out. That way, your junior players won’t have to remember to carry their tennis shoes home from school, they could even keep one at school and one at home.

Tennis backpack

back to school tennis

Buying a tennis backpack would be more sensible than bringing both a school backpack and a tennis bag. Usually, a tennis backpack will have enough space to also put books, binders, and other stationary items, along with one or two racquets. Besides, a separate compartment will keep the tennis racquets safe.

Athletic socks

Not having a pair of fresh, cool socks to play in is the worst thing ever. Try to avoid having damp socks after a tennis practice or class. This will also lessen that youthful, foul odor.

Tennis clothes

FLTA kid playing tennis

Keep an extra set of tennis clothes to keep in your children’s lockers just in case. It won’t cost you a lot of money as there are various reasonably priced tennis essentials on the market, including t-shirts, shorts, tennis skirts, etc.

Sun protection

Playing tennis in Hanoi could be a real challenge for kids. Young tennis players might be needing sun cream pretty much all year round, but especially during the first couple months and last couple months of school when the sun can get pretty harsh during after school practices.

UV protection chart

These basic, yet sometimes simple to overlook, pointers will ensure that your young players are ready for all tennis activities during the school year, and particularly during tennis sessions.

If after reading this, you feel you need some assistance getting your training plan structured to suit your needs, then reach out to our team!

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