Don’t Do This If You Want to Speed Up on the Court

Don’t Do This If You Want to Speed Up on the Court

Don’t Do This If You Want to Speed Up on the Court

Most players believe they can’t move any quicker on the court because they don’t have an aggressive and focused mindset. In reality,  it takes a certain level of commitment and concentration to master “Movement Attitude”. You must place yourself in a setting that allows you to move at high intensities if you want it to improve. Your greatest options are tennis agility and tennis speed practices. These tennis exercises will enable you to push your limits (body and mind).

Become more aggressive and concentrate on your target time while seeing yourself going more quickly to increase your movement attitude. Nothing will change if you aren’t assertive and prepared to put up the heat.


Players should avoid:

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Making excuses

We need to let go of our limiting thoughts and quit with the excuses.

Remaining in the comfort zone

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Be willing to walk that extra mile, do not be afraid to get hurt, and keep at it no matter what. Your body and mind will gradually get more conditioned in this way. You can’t get better without exposure.

Getting lazy

You need to get on the court and keep grinding your tennis exercises 2-3 times a week, every week. Our diverse tennis courses may help you with that.

Holding back on tennis exercises

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You need to push past the point where you think you can’t handle it, knowing that you can. This is where the coach steps in and encourages tennis players to embrace it and stay on point. Your body and mind will adjust themselves when they realize that there’s actually nothing to it, and then we’ll be better off. This is the process by which movement attitude is strengthened and developed.

Slacking off on the court

No matter the outcome, one thing should always remain the same: your movement attitude. At every moment, you have to push hard and chase after every point!

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The next time you are on the court, keep in mind the movement attitude. If you think it’s not good enough, give our tips a go!

If after reading this, you feel you need some assistance getting your training plan structured to suit your needs, then reach out to our team!

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